WHY & HOW to learn English

English is the medium of research, transportation, computer science, economics, and education all around the world. Understanding English increases the likelihood of finding employment in major corporations within or across the national borders. We also use this language for international communications, using mass media, online communication, etc. Learning English can benefit us in so many different ways.

So we give you 5 major reason why one must learn English!!

One of the Most Spoken Languages

One out of every five people worldwide can speak or understand English. This language serves as the mother tongue for more than 400 million people, and in around 50 countries, English is either one of the official or key languages spoken. It is necessary to learn English because it enables us to effectively communicate with people across international borders.

English Speakers by Country

Official Language for Trade and Commerce

English is the most used language in the business industry, and for people to enter a multinational workplace, it almost has become a prerequisite to speak English. In order to carry out an international business one must be fluent in English as a primary requirement by its peers.

Attractive Employee

Being fluent in English makes one an attractive employee in today’s competitive job market as it the official language in more than 57 countries all around the world and the most dominant business language so far.

Studying Abroad In Best Universities Worldwide

English is a widely considered language for higher education. Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and MIT etc. several top world-class universities that would require its students to talk fluently in English to enter one of these universities since they teach in English.

Grants More Access To the Tech World

Internet speaks in English. Nearly 565 million users surf the internet each day and the research says that 52 percent of the most viewed websites uses English as the language for their contents. Most of the technologies and gadgets take commands and view results in English. So to have more access to technology and online media one must learn English.

NOW!! Coming to the point HOW we can learn English!!

Learning a new language can be a tough job to do but with determination and a few techniques it can be easily done. The first step to learning is setting a goal and having the determination to achieve it. There are a few techniques which may come handy while learning English as a new language. These are discussed below

Reading everything around

Whatever materials came to your hand. Read it!! Have trust, it will come handy. Reading helps one get accommodated to newer ways of expressing thoughts and to get a better understanding of the language. Read everything that is in English around you. It can be anything like literature, paperback, fliers, newspaper, and packaging of frozen food etc. As long as it is in English, this practice will benefit you by increasing vocabulary and understanding.

Learn English by Reading more
Larn English by Reading More

Keeping a Notebook for Vocabulary

While practising reading you will definitely find new words. In that case, you should look up the words in a dictionary, there are various kinds of online dictionaries available on the internet making things a lot easier. Once you find the meaning of the word and learn synonyms used as alternatives of the word, a new learner should keep notes of it. It is easier if you carry a notebook to write up the vocabs you learn every day. This notebook doesn’t necessarily require to be a pen and paper thing, you easily have a separate file in your smartphone for the purpose.

Keeping a Notebook for Vocabulary
Keeping a Notebook for Vocabulary

Interacting with others in English

As the basic goal for us to learn the language is to be able to interact with others, we must keep on practising to interact with others in different modes. We can speak with our peers, friend and relatives to get hold of the speaking skills. Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc. are various modes where we can communicate with others through chatting, video conferencing and uploading status etc.

Interacting with others
Interacting with Others

Following YouTube Channels and Blogs

There are so many blogs, websites, channels on YouTube streaming videos on how to learn English and discussing on various aspects of learning the language emphasizing on grammar, idioms, Vocabs, phonetics, pronunciation etc. you can also keep tuning with us for such lessons as we offer detailed courses on learning English both free and paid mediums and get benefitted.

Interactive quiz sessions

While learning the language through blogs and videos, to test the learning outcomes you should go through different interactive quiz sessions and get yourself tested based on how you have learned the specific topics.

Writing in English

Once you have taken a few lessons on the basic grammar and forming sentences, get a pen and paper and practice writing descriptive passages on various topics which can be something you did or eat or see, basically anything. Go for details as much as you can. You have a laptop you can or a smartphone we can use that as well and checkup the passage you wrote for mistakes on Grammarly or other software serving a similar purpose.

Writing in Enlish

Last but not the least!!!

Don’t Be Frustrated

Learning a new language is not a one day task. The outcomes may not be great at first but if your determination is up to the point everything will eventually come across. So going through the learning process you have to get rid of your hesitations and be cool about the mistakes you make. REMINDER!! One only learns from their mistakes.

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