Fashion Designing- WHY and HOW?

  • Have you ever needed to design your own clothing? 
  • Have you ever wondered how some accessories can be decorated in a unique style by matching them with clothes?
  • DO you often think of a career in fashion designing??

We can see the touch of fashion all around us, in clothes and accessories like bags and shoes that we love to buy and wear in our day to day life. But who comes up with the concept of how these things will look?

What is Fashion Designing?

A fashion designer comes up with the ideas and concepts of new clothing styles and accessories. To do this he/she have to go through a lot of drawing and sketching. Today, fashion designers can also use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and other Designing technology to finalize ideas. Fashion designers create styles for clothing items, including deciding potential fabrics and appropriate patterns predicting the liking of people. The job requires creativity. They must be aware of changes in seasonal style and have the skills to predict coming trends.

What is Fashion Design
What is Fashion Design

The fashion designing industry is quite flourished in Bangladesh and their area of work can create widespread recognition for the designers. Keeping in mind the basics of fashion, there are three different types of fashion designers – shoes, apparel, and accessories. There may be subcategories within, with expansive opportunities to explore, however at a broader level, these three are the categories that the industry focusses on.

diferent types of fashion designing
Diferent types of fashion designing

Apparel Fashion Designers

Apparel is the most important part of fashion. People wear different types of clothes and label them as per the trend. The apparel category takes care of different audiences based on which, they are further classified as – Haute couture, Pret-a-porter, and mass market.

Apparel Fashion Designers
Apparel Fashion Designers

Haute Couture

Apparel designed for the rich and wealthy is the responsibility of the Haute Couture fashion designer. Every customer is given individual attention according to their style, personality, taste, and preferences- it is more of customized design for a particular client based on their personality and taste. Such a fashion designer prefers to take one person at a time creating garments as per the exact measurements of the individual.

Haute Couture


Pret-a-porter is another category of fashion apparel that has an easy term as well. Yes, the Pret-a- porter refers to ‘ready to wear’. This is the category of clothing that is made in a factory. This is designed for people with different economic classes. Thus, most people wear this type of fashion clothing.

Mass Market

It is one of the most trendsetting fashions categories. In recent time, the fashion industry is concentrating on mass-market sales. This is due to tight competition in the market. This comes with fashion trends that are prevailing in the society. The apparels over here are made as per the demand in the market.

Mass Market
Mass Market

Shoe Fashion Designers

Every individual wears shoes or footwear. Some prefer to match them with the color of their outfit while the others sync it with the style. Footwear designers are involved in creating different types of footwear – athletic, casual, formal, party wear, etc. They may also be categorized on the same lines as apparel fashion designers.

Shoe Fashion Designers
Shoe Fashion Designers

Accessory Designers

Accessories include jewellery, bags, and all other items that do not come under apparel. Designers of this field indulge in creating beautiful pieces of necklaces, bracelets, handbags, scarves, belts, and other items used for accessorizing.

Accessory Designers
Accessory Designers

Top Colleges offering Fashion Designing Courses in Bangladesh

Top Colleges offering Fashion Designing Courses in Bangladesh
Woman use the scissors.

People were not very keen to adopt fashion as their profession. But, in the last few decades, the popularity of fashion has increased. Naturally, people realized the scope in this industry. Thus, the institutes and colleges with different types of fashion designing courses in Bangladesh have evolved. Following are some of the top in the list:

Top UniversitiesAddress
Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex)Tejgaon, Dhaka – 1208
BGMEA University OF fashion & Technology (BUFT)Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Shanto-Mariam University of Creative Technology (SMUCT)Uttara, Dhaka-1230
National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT)Mohakhali, Dhaka
Pearl Fashion InstituteBangladesh Baridhara, Dhaka
Uttara UniversityUttara, Dhaka-1230
Raffles Institute Of Higher EducationDhaka, Bangladesh
Sonargaon University (SU)Mohakhali, Dhaka
McQueen Institute of Fashion DesignMirpur -10,Dhaka
KCC Women’s CollegeKhulna
Top Colleges offering Fashion Designing Courses in Bangladesh

How Lines Play a Vital Role in Fashion Designing?

There was a time when the fashion designers or the artist presents their design in a blank sheet. But today, the computer and software along with apps have made it quite easy. Even then the lines play a vital role in the activity of fashion designing. To give different designs to each cloth, deviation in lines is vital. Some of the types of lines in fashion designing are as follows:

Horizontal Lines

It is known as the straight line. This is designed to get a formal look. You can view this type of lines in very conservative and classic design.

Diagonal Lines

This gives an effect of illusion where you can find the clothing item shows more width than what it actually has. This is good when you have a narrow shoulder and wish to add some width to it. This type of design can provide the vibes of a broader chest as well.

Jagged Lines (zigzag)

These are basically the vertical lines. This can create the illusion of adding a certain height to the individual. This is good for all those with a healthy body. Wearing the clothing with these lines can give you a slimmer look.

The fashion designers can create great illusions with the lines in the design. It is always good to consult with the fashion designer before you proceed with the lines in an outfit.

Importance of Fashion Designing Courses in Bangladesh

Today, the path of fashion designing is countless. There are many different categories of fashion designing from which anyone can choose the one that suits their ability and preferences. The courses offered by the well-known fashion designing institutes have changed the life of many following toward a persuasive career. Following are some of its importance:

  • Fashion designing courses open a different path for career
  • People with creativity and artistic mind get a good scope to flourish
  • One can learn each design from the well-known trainers and fashion artists recruited in fashion designing colleges. They have industrial exposure
  • With constant practice in designs, you can easily learn the best in the fashion designing class
  • Opportunities for job and business is opened to you constantly
  • The graduate or diploma holders from the well-known fashion designing college can easily open their own firm.
  • One designer can easily work with several fashion designing organizations as a freelancer.
Drafting a new design

Concluding Remarks

Bangladesh is rich with culture and heritage. Thus, the events are vigorously taking place in each city. The performers in stage need to have a suitable dress. This is where the fashion designer gets huge contracts. The experienced designers are paid well based on their expertise. Fresher too can reach the level with market knowledge and experience. Whatever, it is understood that there is a bright future of fashion design in Bangladesh.

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