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Bangladesh Stock Market: A Thriving Investment Destination 0

Bangladesh Stock Market: A Thriving Investment Destination

Bangladesh Stock Market: A Thriving Investment Destination Bangladesh, a fast-growing economy in South Asia, has seen remarkable growth in its stock market in recent years. The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), established in 1954, is the main stock exchange in Bangladesh and has become a hub for local and foreign investors...

what is technical analysis-blog - knowledge college 0

What is Technical Analysis – A definitive guide to technical analysis

Technical analysis is a way to trade stocks, shares, and other financial instruments by looking at charts of price movements and trends. Traders commonly use the technical analysis approach to predict the direction of financial instruments.

Top Listed Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh - Feature Cover 0

Top Listed Pharmaceutical Companies in Bangladesh

Since the early 1980s, the pharmaceutical sector in Bangladesh has been transforming and evolving. It is one of the country’s most advanced technological and knowledge-based sectors. After four decades of hard work, Bangladesh is now regarded as the region’s emerging generic medicine manufacturing hub. There are approximately 257 licensed pharmaceutical manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Understanding Earnings Per Share (EPS) 0

Earnings Per Share (EPS)

Earnings per share (EPS) is a financial ratio that is a vital indicator of a company’s profitability and is also one of the most watched numbers by investors. EPS measures the profit available to shareholders per share and is calculated by dividing net income by the number of outstanding shares.

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Before investing in the capital market, choosing an efficient brokerage firm is very important for an investor. Brokerage firm lets you open a BO account as an identification of the investor, through which all investments are done. A Brokerage Firm is a financial intermediary through which BO (Beneficiary Owners) Account...

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