Category: Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence is a type of analysis where people analyze the sentiment and ongoing rumors in the market. It is mainly a psychological analysis where emotions are the main driver.

how to choose a brokerage firm - knowledge college 1


Before investing in the capital market, choosing an efficient brokerage firm is very important for an investor. Brokerage firm lets you open a BO account as an identification of the investor, through which all investments are done. A Brokerage Firm is a financial intermediary through which BO (Beneficiary Owners) Account...

Mistakes in the stock market 1

Mistakes in the stock market made by an investor

Investors should consider the mistakes they are making in the stock market. Being aware of the mistakes and taking the necessary steps to avoid them can lead to successful investment. The stock market is a thrilling journey. Ups and downs are a regular process in this industry. People often treat...

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